Start a Franchise

SEND is easy & free to set up in your community.

We have years of experience and all the materials you need to get going.

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What We'll Provide:

  • Marketing Materials
  • Instruction & Training
  • Operational Infrastructure
  • Collaboration & Best Practices
  • Donor & Recipient Partnerships
  • Website & Social Network Management
1. Put Your Stuff To Good Use

If you're anything like us, you've got sports equipment piled up in the closet and so do your neighbors and teammates.

It's not over-used, just outgrown so why not help collect it and donate it to those in need?

2. Make An Impact

"The kids were ecstatic. The game was more exciting than ever. Boys felt like pros with their new cleats." - US Army Support Base, Afghanistan

"Many of us take for granted that we are going to be outfitted with new clothes and gear. It is so thoughtful that your players have taken the time to collect their used gear and pass it onto other children who can use it. It was as if I had taken them to Barneys. They were thrilled. " -NYC Parks & Rec

3. Be a Leader

We welcome any opportunity to collaborate with community leaders.

Franchising SEND is particularly well suited for dedicated high school students and their parents. SEND can help passionate volunteers build character, compassion, and develop skills in leadership, entrepreneurship and business.

4. It's Easy

The equipment is out there and so are children who need it. You can easily connect the two.

With years of experience, we have all the materials and expertise to help you get going and make your community a SEND community. Contact us to find out how.